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If you are trying to find out how to get rid of fat ankles, without the use of expensive Over-The-Counter supplements and painful surgery, then you came to the right place! You no longer have to go through multiple websites trying to find all the information you need, because everything you need to know is right here, on this single website!

Before I go into detail, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Joe Nobles and I currently live in Florida. I know what you're probably thinking... "Why do I need to know this?", right? If so, I feel like it means a lot more to people, when they know the person more, instead of just giving all the information and let them continue on their way.

Anyways, almost all of my life I had a problem with having fat ankles. I know from the pictures of myself, I may not look like I would have this issue, but unfortunately, I did. I never left my house wearing shorts because I was self-conscience about my legs and ankles. I did not have this problem from being overweight or anything concerning with a poor diet. My problem was having poor blood circulation, in my legs.

You have probably heard about all of the Over-The-Counter supplements you can buy. Well, I tried almost all of them, and unfortunately, none of them helped as much as I thought they would. After spending a lot of money on useless supplements, I decided to give up on them. I decided to go for liposuction, but when I saw the price of it, I quickly changed my mind. So, I did what most people do, now days... refer to the internet for help. If you can't find help online, then it doesn't exist, pretty much now days. 

What Are Cankles?

Cankles is a combination of the two words "calf" and "ankle". Calf is refered to the lower backside of your leg, which is above your ankle. When the ankle and calf blends together and appears swollen, obese, or fat, then this becomes as to what is now known as "cankle". Cankles can be found in both, men and women.

So, I immediately started researching more about cankles and how to get rid of cankles. This is how I came across an e-book that was dedicated to getting rid of fat ankles or cankles. This book is called "Say Good-Bye To Cankles" and it helped changed my life, in less than a month.

Here is a brief overview of what is included inside of the "Say Good-Bye To Cankles" e-book:

1. Exercises – In just 5 to 10 minutes every 3 days, you can do exercises that will tone every muscle around your ankle and calf area. You can do these exercises just about anywhere. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and very efficient.

2. Diet and Nutrition – You get advice on how to lose weight over your entire body, and this will directly affect the look of your calf and ankle area. Also, how to get rid of the water retention in your body naturally, which leads to the look of having cankles because your ankles are swollen.

3. Improve Blood Circulation – Poor blood circulation can make fat ankles or cankles even worse. Learn simple techniques to improve blood circulation and reduce the look of cankles very quickly.

I understand just the thought of exercises makes you want to turn away, but these are not your typicial exercises. These are very simple to do and only takes minutes to do. I found them to be quite fun, after getting used to them. To give you an idea of some of the exercises, I will list a few for you...

Calf Raises

Calf raises are very simple to do at home on your stairs, or any sort of step, and they can help to build your calf muscle quickly. At the same time, they tighten other muscles in your lower legs, as well.

1. Stand with both feet on a step and move slightly back until your heels are hanging over the edge.
2. Slowly lower your heels down until you can feel a pulling sensation in the backs of your legs.
3. Slowly raise your heels up until you're stood on your tiptoes.
4. Hold for a couple of seconds then lower back to the start position.
5. Repeat until you can feel your muscles starting to burn.

Take note of how many repetitions (up and down) you can do the first time, and do the same amount in the morning and at night, for the first six days. Also, if you have trouble balancing yourself, you can use a chair, the wall, rail, or anything available to help you keep your balance.

Be sure to take a day off to allow your muscles to recover. This is the only way you will be able to see results quickly. Then, add another 5 / 10 extra repetitions on to the original amount (depending on how many you think your body can deal with). Be sure not to over work yourself!

Do the new amount of calf raises just like before, in the morning and at night for the next six days. Then, take another day off and continue in the same manner each week.

Calf Raises Video Example

Heel/Toe Walk

This is another easy one you can do, at home. It helps tone and build your calf muscle, and strengthen your ankles.

1. Find a clear wide open space, roughly about 4 meters long and wide enough for you to walk down, without being obstructed by any objects in your way.
2. Stand at one end of the space and walk slowly to the other end on your heels only.
3. Turn and walk back to the start, but this time on your toes only.
4. Repeat, until you can feel your muscles starting to burn.

The same as before, take note of how many repetitions (there and back) you can do the first time, and keep adding to the amount each week (just like you did with the calf raises). Also, be sure to take a day off, just like you did with the calf raises.

Heel Walk Video Example

Toe Walk Video Example


At first, these can be tricky, as it's important to get the right technique down. Once you've got that sorted, squats are great for working out the entire leg.

Squats Video Example

As you can tell, from the above examples, majority of the exercises are very simple to do. After getting used to doing them, they become fun to do and then it becomes a routine for yourself.

If you really want to have your ankles looking thinner and normal, I would suggest getting the "Say Good-Bye To Cankles" e-book. The book has helped a lot of people out, including myself. It only costs $37 and comes with a bonus e-book, as well. So, you are getting 2 books, for the price of one.

Just in case, if you are still unsure about buying this book, the owner offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They give you 60 days to try this book out. If you don't see a difference, from following the techniques, you can always request a refund without any questions asked.

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